More Food Adventures – Food Blogger Festival

Foodbuzz hosts a fabulous annual food blogger festival right here in San Francisco. I decided to attend for the first time this year. I had so much fun meeting fellow food bloggers and eating great food. I’m still full from eating so much! Here are some highlights and pictures.

Saturday Tasting Pavillion – A ton, well more like 40 or so, food/wine/beer vendors set up at the top of the Metreon to let us sample their goods. There was a great selection of hot food, beverages, sweets, and packaged goods. I filled up my farmer’s market bag with all sorts of goodies. I’m still snacking on granolas and chocolate bars this week!

Crab Cake

Halibut in a coconut milk sauce

Cupcake Tower – Chocolate, Red Velvet, Pumpkin

Saturday Dinner – A fancy dinner was hosted at the Academy of Sciences where guests got to experience the museum’s nightlife while dining on great food.

Tables set up outside the Tropical Rainforest exhibit

Philippine reef tank

Open Bar

Delectable Local Cheeses

Artichoke Ravioli with Shaved Asiago & Carrot Soup

Pheasant Sausage with Carrot, Ryeberries, Cabbage, and Riesling Jus

This was such a great event! Can’t wait to see everyone next year!