Golden Gate Bridge and a busy weekend

Happy 75th Birthday Golden Gate Bridge! This weekend the city threw a proper celebration for our beloved bridge (which opened May 27, 1937). Thousands of people, locals and tourists alike, turned out for daytime festivities and a spectacular fireworks show Sunday night. The fog lifted and the night was perfect!


It was also a great weekend because my mom was in town! We went to the Academy of Sciences to see my brother. He gives dive shows in the cool coral tank.

My mom also came bearing gifts! My favorite type of gifts, food gifts. I happily received fresh rhubarb and strawberries from the garden, a dozen eggs from the chickens, and a potted array of basils (which were just small seedlings a month ago). I can’t wait to get cooking!

Chicken eggs straight from the coop and rhubarb from the garden:

Green and Purple Basil Plants

TIP: Grow and harvest your own herbs. It’s convenient and saves money!

Sadly the weekend has come to an end. My mom left for home early this morning. Dad has been holding down the fort back home, tending to the animals and keeping an eye on everything. Instead of fireworks, he said they got May snow showers over the weekend. Luckily it burned off quickly, and there is no damage to the garden!