Cherry Season is here

Yay for cherry season! In northern California, cherries can be found at any grocery store or farmer’s market right now. I like the deep red, juicy, sweet bing cherries. They are so delicious! I’ve been putting them over greek yogurt for breakfast and eating them for an afternoon snack. These cherries also bake up nicely, so I decided to make a dessert. I contemplated making either a cobbler or a crisp. I settled on a crisp. I just made a strawberry/rhubarb crisp a couple weeks ago, but I was still craving that oatmeal, brown sugar, buttery topping! The cherries baked down and released a rich, syrupy juice, but still maintained their shape. Perfect for a crisp filling!

I bought a cherry pitter for about $10. I think it’s worth it, it saves a lot of labor and effort! It’s kind of fun to use too.

I used the same recipe as the strawberry/rhubarb crisp. I simply replaced the strawberry and rhubarb with fresh, pitted bing cherries. 


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