Spring Peas

I love going to the farmer’s markets in San Francisco to see what’s in season and to buy locally. Last week peas were everywhere, and for only $1 per pound! I snagged a bag and decided to make fresh pea and ricotta bruschetta, which I’ve been seeing a lot on restaurant menus lately.

I used a Giada recipe from Food Network as a guideline.


– Since my peas were fresh I had to shell (kind of time consuming) and blanch them first.

– I added a squeeze of meyer lemon juice to brighten up the pea mixture.

– I omitted the tomatoes on top. Instead I spread a layer of ricotta cheese (seasoned with salt and pepper) on the warm bread crostini before topping with the pea puree.

Here’s the recipe:


Voila!!! Fresh Pea Bruschetta. I hope you enjoy!

TIP: Try re-creating restaurant dishes at home to save money.  Also, you will be able to control what goes into your food!


I couldn’t resist, cheerful flowers at the farmer’s market!


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